Lots #172-217 - Postcards, photos

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All the items are in very good condition unless otherwise stated.

  1. Abony, city view with the synagogue. (Müller Mór publisher), around 1910. Mailed: 1913 (slight stain).                                                               6000,-  
  1. Aszód, synagogue. Color postcard, between 1900-1910. Framed.                                                           12,000,-
  1. Debrecen, synagogue. (The statusquo great synagogue, demolished.) Color postcard, around 1910. Mailed in 1914.                                                 8000.-  
  1. Gyöngyös, mosaic postcard, the full view of the synagogue and city view with synagogue. Mailed in August 1944!                                                    2600,-  
  1. Igló, synagogue. Prined in 1918, in 1922 Slovak caption was added, unused. Scalloped edge. RARE!                                                                         40,000,-  
  1. Kolozsvár (Cluj) synagogue. Schuster Emil publisher, 1910. Later Romanian caption was added to the Hungarian postcard. Mailed, not stamped.             12,000,-  
  1. Kőszeg synagogue, around 1910. Published by Róth Jenő, unused.                                                 7000,-  
  1. Nagytapolcsány, synagogue. Mosaic postcard. Mailed, 1908.                                                    15,000,-  
  1. Nagybecskerek, synagogue. Around 1920. Mailed, 1931. RARE!                                                             10,000,-  
  1. Nagyberezna, street scene with the synagogue and the Jewish school. Published by Moskovits Izidor, Nagyberezna, Velika Berezna. 1930s. Mailed, 1940, to Elefánt Rudolf and family, Mátyásföld.                              6000,-  
  1. Oderberg synagogue. Mosaic postcard. Mailed, 1904.                                                                3000,-  
  1. Foldable city view postcard of Stanislawow (Stanislau, Poland) with synagogue. Mailed, 1912.                                                                            5000,-  
  1. Orosháza, Komlósi street with synagogue. 1918. Color, unused.                                                             8000,-  
  1. Pécs, synagogue. 1920s, unused.             2000,-  
  1. Szeged, synagogue. Mailed, 1904. This early, rare postcard was published right after the opening (1903) of the synagogue.                                                        3000.-  
  1. Szolnok, view with the synagogue, around 1910. Unused.                                                           2400,-  
  1. Ungvár (Uzhorod) synagogue with riverside. 1923, color, unused.                                                 10,000,-  
  1. Zalaegerszeg, synagogue, around 1910. Unused. RARE!                                                             10,000,-  
  1. New Year color greeting postcard with Hebrew and Hungarian caption. (Rabbi with student.) Unused, Hungary, 1920s. Slightly folded.             5000,-   
  1. New Year greeting postcard from the World War 1, in Hebrew and German, with prayer text. Unused. RARE!                                                             6000,-  
  1. New Year photo postcard with Hebrew, Yiddish and English caption. New York, around 1910. (Made in Germany, worn edges.)                                     4000,-  
  1. New Year color greeting postcard, with synagogue motives (rabbi and cantor with the Torah). Germany, around 1910. Mailed, 1912.                            5000,-  
  1. New Year postcard: traditional Jewish family, with Hebrew caption. 1910s, Scalloped edge. Mailed, 1920.                                                                4000.-  
  1. Photo postcard: World War 1 Jewish soldiers pray with the Torah and prayer book. On the backside hand written: Tabernacle holiday service at the shore of the Piave (Italy). Hirsch Salamon rabbi, Photo by Woltitz lieutenant.                                                        12,000,-  
  1. Photo postcard: WWI. Prisoner of War (dr. Löwy Géza) self photo from the prisoner camp (Douglas, Isle of Man, England) mailed, personal letter.  Mailed to Gellért Manóné, Monor, Hungary. Censored, stamped. (around 1916.)                                                               8000,-  
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  1. Forced labor Field post correspondence postcard, with stamping of 101/47. mixed laborer company. Postal stamping (1941. IV. 25.), censored. Mailed to Budapest.                                                                     6000.-  
  1. Forced labor camp correspondence postcards mailed from the Nagykáta post office, 13 and 14 April 1942. (2 pieces)                                     6000,-    
  1. Forced labor camp correspondence postcard. Written by Dr. Schwarcz Tibor medical doctor from the VI. Special Laborer Company (Doctor Company), Jolsva, 29 June 1944. Reports and inquires about the fate of family members and the question of exceptions. Censored, with stampings.                                            6000.-  
  1. Photo postcard, derogatory caricature of a Jewish pub. With star of David and the portrait of the owner. Around 1910, unused.                                                 3200,-  
  1. Postcards about the Halutz life in Israel (2 pieces) 1920s. (One printed in Haifa, the other in Krakow, Poland)                                                             5000,-  
  1. Jerusalem postcard with the Omar mosque. Mailed (Turkish Empire stamp with Palestine overstamping, intersting, rare postal history item), 1925.                                                    1200,-  
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  1. Tripoli (today capital of Libya), Jewish square. Around 1930, with Italian caption: Tripoli – Quartiore Ebraico. Unused.                                               2400.-  
  1. Artistic postcards of Biblical figures, with Russian, Hebrew and other captions. Russian Poland, 1910s. (Lot of 6 pieces)                                     4000,-  
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  1. Yiddish postcard: Kinder-spieleray. New York, around 1910. Stained, worn edge. Unused.             4000,-  
  1. Yiddish written correspondence postcard: letter from Hellinger Saul „héber szolga” (Hebrew slave) written in Yiddish and Hungarian. Gátalja, 1915. (to Dr. Szabolcsi Lajos, editor of Egyenlőség!)             2000,-  
    1 2
  1. Schreiber Mózes (Moshe Sofer, author of „Chatam Sofer”), chief rabbi of Pozsony (Pressburg) printed portrait after drawing, with Hebrew caption. Size: 16x11 cm.                                                       12,000,-  
  1. Photo postcard, original photo of Löw Immánuel, under the picture words by Tardos-Taussig Ármin Jewish artist. Mailed: Szeged, 1929. (The letter is from the artist, recommendation of the photo mailed to the sister of Lőw Immánuel in Temesvár.)                               10,000,-  
  1. Original photo of Löw Immánuel, with a woman family member. Taken in 1920                        6000,-  
  1. Original photo of Rosenberg Sándor chief rabbi of Arad. Arad, around 1900.                            10,000,-  
  1. Photo of Kálmán Ödön chief rabbi, Neumann Magda teacher and one class of the Köbánya Jewish Community school from 1932.  Size (with border): 16,5 x 25 cm.                                                             8000,-  
  1. Photo postcard: students and teachers of the Verpelét Yeshiva. Verpelét, late 1930s, early 1940s. Slightly stained.                                                 12,000,-
  1. Photo postcard: Verpelét, Yeshiva. „Stein internátusa” (Internate of Stein) caption. Late 1930s, early 1940s. Slight stains.                                       12,000,-  
  1. withdrawn
  1. Original, small photo of the old Teleki square market, Jewish merchant with store. Photo by Kozelka T., Budapest (1930s)                                                 5000.-  
  1. Printed photo album: „Album. Az Első Izraelita Szentföldi Utazás, 1905-ben”. (Erste Israelitische Gesellschafts-Reise nach dem heiligen Lande im J. 1905.)(=First Jewish Travel to the Holy Land in 1905.) 34 photo postcards, with Hungarian and German captions. At the front of the album list of participants. Budapest, 1905. In original, slightly worn binding. UNIQUE!                                                                              16,000,-  
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  1. Original press photos from the Hungarian Zionist Association congress, April 1928, with Kahán Niszon president. Large photos, one showing the presidential podium, four others show the audience on all sides in a panoramic view. UNIQUE!                              26,000,-  
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