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Monuments, Rites, History
Jewish Budapest
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This richly illustrated history of the Jews in Budapest, from medieval times to the present day, provides a comprehensive account of their culture and ritual customs. It looks, in turn, at each of the "Jewish quarters" of the city, focusing on patterns of settlement and occupation, on biographic details and historical monuments. The book pays special attention, on the one hand, to the usage of Hebrew and to Jewish scholarship and, on the other, to the integration of the Jews into society and to the preservation of their Jewish identity.

"Jewish Budapest amasses huge amounts of information and lore about a city... The book offers vivid portraits, often with the aid of literary illustrations of the city's beloved Jewish institutions: its schools, its culture center, even its one-time kosher restaurants. It also holds out hope that Jewish life in Hungary does have a future." Ivan Sanders, Budapest Review of Books

"Jewish Budapest is the very first, excellently documented, and broad discussion of the entire history of Budapest's Jewry. It presents an extremely rich and complex picture of the Budapest Jews. It, however, offers more than that: a contribution to Central and Eastern European history... and a comparative approach to the history of the 'Jewish cities' of Europe." Ivan Berend, University of California, Los Angeles

"This book is without doubt to be considered the classical work of reference... for Jews all over the world who have been linked in some way to this city." Shlomo Spitzer, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel

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