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Prof. Dr. Ágnes Ságvári:

The Holocaust in Carpatho-Ruthenia

1. The place of Carpatho-Ruthenia in Hungarian irredentist plans.

1.1 The background of foreign policy. The motives behind domestic politics.
1.2 Timetable of the occupation.
1.3. The "scientific" falsification of statistics.

2. The impact of the introduction of Hungarian Administration

3. "The Kőrösmező, Kamenec-Podolsk deportation" - training school of the Holocaust of 1944.

3.1 The defencelessness of non-Hungarian citizens, the so-called "aliens."
3.2 "The Kőrösmező, Kamanets-Podolsk deportation" - Training School of the Holocaust of 1944.
3.3 The Hungarian governmental preparation of the total annihilation. Examples on the completeness of registration.

4. The description of the Holocaust of 1944. The evaluation of left behind and known data.

4.1. The number of defenceless victims. The organization of armed bodies preparing the assassinations.
4.2. The Holocaust sources. Indicators which can be used as a basis for statistical work and analysing by computer.

5. Guide to the detailed processing of documents
Proposal for the utilization of the study and the documents at eventual claims negotiations, too.

5.1. Characteristics of the sources.
5.2. Concerning preliminary appraisal
5.3. The Holocaust in Soviet sources.

Budapest, July 12, 1998.

( Prof. Dr. Ágnes Ságvári )
H-1026 Budapest
Lepke utca 14.

This study was compiled with the generous support of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture

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